Agents and Brokers

DomiDocs offers a powerful competitive advantage with a marketing tool
to help you stay in front of homeowners before and after the sale.


of buyers choose a real estate agent based on a referral

Engage with clients throughout the purchase and sale process

Gain a competitive advantage over competing homes

Take advantage of having property documents and data readily available for a real estate transaction. Our Seller’s Bundle allows important documents to be shared or emailed to potential buyers for review. DomiDocs’ TrueValueIndex® supports a higher valuation based on documented improvements and maintenance providing evidentiary support to help the buyer understand why they should pay a premium for your listing. 

Client retention and ongoing referrals that increase your business

Forge long-lasting relationships with buyers and sellers alike

DomiDocs ensures that your clients will remember you post-closing. Market to your clients daily as they utilize the tools that help maintain their home, including maintenance and calendar reminders. Your photo, name, and company is displayed in their property profile, so you will not be forgotten.

Leave a lasting impression

Empower your clients with a valuable tool that makes a lasting impression!

Give the gift of organization, education, and technology that will provide an ongoing relationship with your clients while also saving them time, money, and providing opportunities to maximize their home value.

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