Frequently Asked Questions

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An Advanced Cloud-Based Platform to store all information about a homeowners property.

To quickly and easily access your homes True Value.

DomiDocs has created a digital vault that keeps your data completely private. We have a multitude of safety measures to keep your information protected and accessible only to you. DomiDocs does not sell or provide your data to third-parties.

Yes, you are able to both share your own documents and request documents from others to be added to your property page.

Yes. A user can create and manage multiple properties. 

Users can share a property or transfer the entire property to a new user. 

DomiDocs is free, allowing for full access. Users can contact us via chat to learn more about our customer concierge services. 

DomiDocs allows users to upload all at one time and categorize their documents for easy access. Users are also able to upload and categorize at a later time.To learn more about our concierge support contact us.