Hurricane season is here, are you prepared?

We have all been weathering the storm of the recent pandemic thus far this Hurricane Dorian's outer bands are lashing Florida as the storm moves northward along the U.S. coastline.year, but brace yourselves even more homeowners, as it is officially hurricane season. If you feel as most of us already do, it’s your opinion that 2020 has already pummeled us enough. The great news is that the experts at DomiDocs are here to help ensure that you are adequately equipped with the resources you need to ride out any actual storms, and the peace of mind that when and if hurricanes arise, you and your home are covered and supported.

The government has already announced via expert researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that 2020 will be an active year for hurricane activity. With an already 19 named hurricanes predicted on the horizon for the U.S., 3-6 of which are said to be listed in the “major” category, preparation is essential for protecting your family, as well as your most valuable physical asset, your home.

The two most vital key elements of being prepared for a hurricane are knowledge and organization. The great news is that DomiDocs has you covered in both areas.


It is important to know what exactly you need to do in case a hurricane arises. With every property DomiDocs covers, properties are preloaded with an informative and comprehensive FEMA guide, along with a wealth of other priceless protective features for preparedness. This guide is an extensive 12-page document that details everything from how-to’s for planning and preparing before a hurricane strikes (like instructions for how you can manage the impact of high winds and floodwaters) to step-by-step emergency protocols to follow during the storm.

By taking the steps outlined for you by these experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything that you need to do in order to keep you and your family safe, while also protecting your home and property.

And for those of you wondering about what happens after the howling winds quell and the raging rain ceases and floodwaters still? Don’t worry. DomiDocs has you covered. In fact, not one moment will pass that you aren’t being supported and provided with all that you need to navigate through this natural disaster. In the aftermath is precisely the time where DomiDocs really shines and comes through for you—and this is also where the organization portion of the two vital key elements mentioned above comes into play most.


Following such a devastating and unexpected upheaval, it can be a scary and uncertain time for many homeowners. From scrambling to find official papers to file claims to wading through seemingly endless and complicated red tape for reimbursement, DomiDocs ensures that homeowners are not left alone, floundering, or frustrated while trying to pick up the pieces.

Instead, those who have DomiDocs at their fingertips will already have all their official paperwork and documents necessary for all claims in the user-friendly online system. These documents are not only easily accessible for homeowners, but they are also shareable and completely safe stored in the cloud.

Specifically, DomiDocs has even developed document bundles on its platform, making it that much easier for homeowners when filing insurance claims. Also keeping the filing process hassle-free and flowing? DomiDocs sets aside a designated area specifically for all homeowner insurance documents, enabling owners to quickly reference needed items, such as the home appraisal, the deed, the homeowner’s insurance policy, and much more. There is even a SAFE document list that DomiDocs provides on this forum, which suggests the most common docs to upload to the system to ensure all your bases are absolutely covered, especially in case of a total loss occurring.


The icing on the cake to this sweet promise of protection and peace of mind for you? You won’t have to do any of this alone. In fact, by placing the ability to manage and oversee everything in your hands digitally, DomiDocs empowers homeowners to feel confident and secure via its user-friendly online platform. Here, in this “cloud of dreams,” a homeowner’s data and documents can not only be found all in one place, but every tool needed to effectively manage your property can be utilized via modern, AI-enabled technology.

So, while thoughts of storms on the horizon may sound daunting to most, you and your home will no longer be relinquished to would-be defenseless damsels in distress. DomiDocs is here to deliver the confidence and assurance, with stellar organization and preparation, that instead makes you the king (or queen) of your castle.

Written By Andy Beth Miller