Keep your home in tip-top shape

As a homeowner, the investment that you have already made in purchasing your home is probably the biggest investment that you have ever—or will ever—make. And after investing such time and money into your home, you will certainly want to do everything in your power to protect that investment, especially when it comes to maintaining its value as time goes on.

Part of maintaining this value is ensuring that you are properly taking care of your home and its various maintenance needs, so that you have the peace of mind that everything will keep working and operating smoothly. Experts in the home industry have labeled this process of retaining your home’s value and proper functioning as “Preventative Home Maintenance.”

Preventative Home Maintenance, while it may sound somewhat technical, is really more about exercising common sense and proactivity for guarding your domicile’s “health” as a homeowner. In fact, a great way to think about preventative home maintenance is using health as an uncannily similar analogy. Think of how you take care of your physical body and health: you set aside regular time to exercise, you follow measured diets incorporating the best, most nutritious foods, you ensure you are getting proper amounts of sleep, and you ensure that you are taking vitamins and get flu shots in order to fend off any illnesses from plaguing you.

You do these things because it has been proven time and again that taking these steps will dramatically affect your health and well-being, as well as your longevity and vitality as you age. Just as you are protecting your health by taking these steps mentioned above on a regular basis, preventative home maintenance is how you regularly take steps to protect the “health” and longevity of your home.

No one wants to get sick and be forced to go see the doctor, causing undue stress and the unwanted expenses of medical bills. Likewise, when you neglect preventative home maintenance, your stress level—and home repair bills—can also skyrocket.

Many people are left at a loss when it comes to how to best take care of their home’s “health”. The great news is that DomiDocs is all that you will ever need in order to keep your home in tip-top shape. Even better news is that DomiDocs’ method for preventative home maintenance is seemingly effortless on your part, as these experts do every bit of the work.

Upon your property profile creation, DomiDocs instantly takes the burden of home maintenance from your shoulders by streamlining all of your home maintenance needs into one efficient and user-friendly format. As soon as you sign up, your property receives a list of tasks for optimum home maintenance in calendar format, complete with alerts that remind you of what routine maintenance needs to be done at what exact time in order to avoid any unforeseen surprises and unnecessary claims. This frees you up to simply enjoy living in your home versus constantly having to think not about a long to-do list of maintenance tasks.

DomiDocs’ user-friendly online forum even includes a comprehensive list of national service providers that its clients can quickly refer to. This way, whenever the time comes to address an alert provided by DomiDocs for routine home maintenance, you can have the total peace of mind that you are reaching out to a trusted expert who will render only top-of-the-line, best-rated services.

This stellar service provider directory even allows for homeowners to log on and upload their own provider information, including emails, websites, and contact numbers, making keeping track of everything in one place effortless. DomiDocs even takes things a step further with its user-friendly interactive platform by allowing clients to request documents and receipts, schedule services, provide notes for their personal reference (such as rating various providers with details of each service experience), and more.

The bottom line is that preventative home maintenance is not only smart, but it is vital for saving you money in the long run. And just as you seek out the help of dietitians and person trainers for your journey to optimum fitness, DomiDocs is here to get—and keep—your home in the best health possible, for life.

Written By Andy Beth Miller