Lauren Warren

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Lauren has a long record of successfully coordinating and managing projects with dynamic companies including design, brand implementation, and vendor coordination. As a project manager and customer service director, Lauren…

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Dan Veres

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Mr. Veres brings extensive experience in sales and business development from the software and technology sectors. He has a proven track record of selling new solutions within markets and working…

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Keenyn McFarlane

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Experienced CFO with 25+years of private equity, for-profit, government, and nonprofit financial management consisting of accounting, audit, resource planning, risk management, tax and compliance, asset management, treasury, and capital investment.…

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Adam Fitch

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Mr. Fitch has been instrumental in launching companies, both consumer and enterprise software products, web-based software solutions, and mobile applications from inception through acquisition across numerous industries. He brings extensive…

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James Ross

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Mr. Ross brings over 20 years of building high-end technology solutions, product development, SaaS, operations, and leadership experience to the DomiDocs team. Mr. Ross has delivered commercial software and custom…

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Mark Lesswing

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Mr. Lesswing (former CTO and Senior Vice President for NAR) is a blockchain entrepreneur and technology expert. Mr. Lesswing was instrumental in innovation for the National Association of REALTORS® during…

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William McKenna

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Mr. McKenna is the Founder and CEO of DomiDocs, Inc. He has been instrumental in producing top Sales and Management teams during his 25-year career across venture-backed early-stage companies to…

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