Homeowner Enablement Platform®

See your home value, protect your equity, manage your home finances, vendors, and more!

save money

Save Time and Money

Your property information organized and available anytime anywhere, you will be able to manage your properties more efficiently.

reduce insurance cost

Reduce Risks

We provide the digital tools to process and optimize claims. Recommendations will help to reduce unforeseen maintenance costs.

Increase your home’s market value​

Increase Home Value

Create your digital profile and document your improvements to increase your home value through organization and transparency.

The digital solution to manage your home

Get started today to make more informed and actionable homeowner decisions. 

Functionality to save you time and money

Simplify home management with our free, highly secure, cloud-based platform to store, track, and maintain your digital property. 

Market Value Tracking

Market data and your improvements shows the true property value

Finance and Accounting

Track your property cost basis and where your money is spent

Calendar and Notes

Easy to use calendar to track tasks, reminders, and events

Service Provider Management

All your service providers organized with personalized ratings and notes


Using data we give personalized actionable recommendations

Education and Articles

Home maintenance tips and articles to manage your home stress-free

Document Organization

Categorized and easily shareable property documents

Warranties and Manuals

Warranty and manual tracking with expirations, notes and alerts

Increase the value and marketability of your home

You gain access to our technology, organization and recommendations to increase your property value.

Industry-leading privacy and security

We do not share or sell your data, ever. Your data is kept completely private in your digital property, we use a multitude of safety measures to keep your information protected and accessible only to you.

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DomiDocs® partners with some of the largest property tech companies in the country to provide a better experience through technology and connectivity. These include national builders, title, mortgage, and insurance companies.