Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Storage, and Blockchain Technologies for Residential Real Estate 


DomiDocs currently operates a "BY INVITATION ONLY" platform and expects to have it 

available to the public domain in Q1FY20.

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About Us


The Company

DomiDocs™ “Domicile Documents” is working to become the only consumer-facing source of secure, cloud-based historic data on 126 million residential properties in the United States. By combining our sourced data and technology with homeowner’s provided data we are able to produce rich, actionable information never seen before at the consumer or service provider level!


Industry Problem

The $31.8 Trillion United States Residential Real Estate Market has no homeowner-focused solution to maintain permanent digital records for each property. This valuable documentation is often destroyed, missing, or inaccurate, creating a gap of up to 10% of the total property value. This $3.1 Trillion deviation is generating a $100+ Billion addressable market. DomiDocs fills this gap with a cloud-based platform leveraging blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and strong encryption technologies.



DomiDocs applies technology to homeowner records to create value. Our platform empowers homeowners by applying artificial intelligence to detailed, organized, usable, and shareable documentation secured with blockchain technology. Homeowners get a more comprehensive cost basis, market value, efficiency of use and cost of ownership.

The platform is a suite of the following products:

DOC Vault™ Interactive digital filing system.

DOC Home™ Platform documents for reference and historical retrieval.

TrueValueIndex™ Proprietary “Lifecycle Property Value” Algorithm.

DOC Build™ Usage and storage for owners and builder’s coordination.

DOC Project™ Usage and storage documentation for owners.

DOC Rental™ Document usage and storage for landlords and tenants.



DomiDocs is currently developing our technology platform for a select group of individuals, customers, and affiliates in the real estate industry. If you would like to be part of this membership and access our software suite of products please contact us through the Beta Group link in the Learn More section of this page.

Our Team

William McKenna, IV

Successful startup exits and 25-year career in Enterprise Software, Cloud Applications, and e-commer

President & Chief Executive Officer 

Successful startup exits and 25-year career in Enterprise Software, Cloud Applications, and

e-commerce industries. 

Phil Nahajewski


Chief Financial Officer 

Financial leadership experience at GotChosen, Bright House Networks, and Time Warner Cable. 

Demetrios Sapounas, PhD


Chief Technology Officer 

Former CIO at Ignite, Director of Data at Fannie Mae, IBM Software Engineering Department Director.

Mark Lesswing


Blockchain Technology Officer


Former SVP & CTO at National Association of REALTORS®, Successful implementation of blockchain IBM Hyperledger at NAR.

Advisory Board

Debbie Hoffman



Geoff Lewis


Greg Zaic


Kevin Lahr


Curtis Jones


Brian Handal


Jez Rocap


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