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The very act of purchasing, owning, and maintaining a residential property generates enormous amounts of paper-based documentation, which over the lifetime of a property winds up in many places: county clerks, banks, safe deposit boxes, shoe boxes, closets, storage units, file cabinets, and often wastebaskets.

The DomiDocs team recognized this problem in managing their own homes and found that while there are digital solutions to almost everything in our financial lives – even unpleasant tasks like taxes – when managing our homes, we’re still stuck in the 90s. DomiDocs fixes this!

DomiDocs is a user-friendly platform that collects a homeowner’s data and documents in one secure place. We then layer machine learning to help homeowners make more informed and actionable decisions. Simply put, DomiDocs increases home value, reduces potential costly risks, and reduces expenses through technology, organization, and documentation.

Stakeholders throughout the residential real estate industry also benefit from engaged DomiDocs homeowners. No matter the residential real estate market profession, all benefit by keeping their brand top of mind and building homeowner loyalty, repeat business, and referrals.

We fill a huge technology gap for homeowners and real estate professionals alike, especially during the new quarantine era, where your home is often your office and your children’s classroom!


Can't find important
documents when needed​


Don't remember the name of their title company


Are overpaying on their property taxes.

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