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Attention Florida Residents

Hurricane Season Officially Started June 1st, are you prepared?

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Protect Important Documents

In 2021, eight people were hospitalized and 22 houses were left inhabitable after an EF-3. How would you repair your home after a disaster like this if you didn’t have any of your vendor information, receipts, mortgage documents etc. Using our free Homeowner Enablement Platform you can easily upload all of these documents to our secure cloud based platform and have access to them from anywhere in the world.

Maximum Claim Payout

In 2022, Colorado experienced a fire storm that tore through 2 towns destroying almost 1,000 homes due to 90-100 mph winds. These homeowners were left with nothing but ashes and the ones who didn’t have their home correctly documented suffered the most by not getting the insurance payout they deserved. By uploading images of your home into our free Homeowner Enablement Platform you can maximize your claim payout after any disaster.

Avoid Insurance Push Back

In July 2022, Kentucky experienced deadly flash flooding that destroyed hundreds of homes almost overnight. Since the floods the annual cost for flood insurance has more than doubled. Many homeowners were able to avoid insurance push back by having their homes properly documented before and after the floods. Our Homeowner Enablement Platform is a secure cloud based platform and the perfect place to upload these images and important home information to show to insurance companies for easy insurance payout.

Rebuild Faster

In 2018, hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico City Beach in Florida with 160 mph winds. As you can see in the picture, homes were completely demolished. Where would you start the rebuild process with a clean slate like these homeowners? DomiDocs Homeowner Enablement Platform offers many features to help including a vendor database to easily find information on your past vendors as well as local recommended new vendors. You also can store all important home documents on our secure cloud based platform so you do not have to worry about them getting swept away in a storm. Rebuild faster with DomiDocs.

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