Protect your home from fraud with the most advanced home title tracking and digital property monitoring

According to the FBI, your home is already a target

The FBI reports that home title and mortgage fraud are the fastest-growing white-collar crimes in America. Early detection is your best defense to keep your property and its equity safe. Do you know if.. 

Criminals use your home’s equity to take out personal loans and can even sell your home without your knowledge

The real homeowner is left completely unaware until the lender starts to send letters of intent to foreclose on the home

Do you own multiple properties? Vacant properties? Your exposure to risk is exponentially higher the more properties you own!

HomeLock is the proactive protection you need for your home

HomeLock protects properties from fraudulent  activity with the most comprehensive monitoring and security technology anywhere

Unlike services that claim to “lock your title,” we proactively scour third-party listing sites and check official records to alert you before the damage is already done

HomeLock is the only service on the market

cloud-based platform for managing your property

HomeLock is part of the DomiDocs home enablement platform for complete home management

Simplify home management with our highly secure, and easy to use cloud-based storage platform to store, track, and maintain your digital property. 


Title fraud rises more than 30%

Title Fraud Analytics shows a 31.5% increase in wire verification and ownership issues. Stems from negligence, operational gaps and cybersecurity threats

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimated $1.77 billion was stolen through title and housing fraud in 2019.

Better Business Bureau Fraud Alert

Scammers will pick a house, sometimes a second home, rental or vacant house and assume the role of property owner.

Take action now before you become the next victim

Just $49/year provides complete fraud monitoring and DomiDocs’ homeowner enablement platform