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Why use a home value estimator tool?

A home estimator tool can be beneficial to all home owners for sales and financing purposes as well as checking equity and more. For sales needs, you can use the amount as a starting listing price. Our system offers the ability to add in upgrades and additional information that will help you get the top dollar for your property

How accurate is this tool?

We are the most accurate system on the market today right behind having an appraiser come out and give an in person appraisal which can cost upwards of $500+

How often do home values change?

Home values typically grow 3-4% each year. Buyer demand and local factors such as inventory amounts and economic changes may also have an affect on home values changing that is not included in that 3-4% growth. The number is a calculated value based on different data sources. Aside from hiring an appraiser which could cost up to $500, this is the most accurate estimate available online.

How often should I check my home's value?

It’s a good idea to check up on our home’s value periodically and start owning your home’s history and value online. When the time comes to sell, buyers are going to look up your address and if the internet says your home is worth less than you’re asking for, it could weaken your negotiating position.

How do I maintain my home value in a potentially downturning market?

  • Show the property is in better condition which can support the higher valuation.
  • Show that maintenance has been done on the home so the perspective buyers are not walking into a project.
  • Documenting property improvements.
  • All of these items can be done in our platform for free!


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