Title Companies

79% of homeowners
don't remember the name of their title company

Title Company Benefits

  • Creates a new marketing channel and an additional revenue stream
  • Makes sure homeowners remember you post-closing
  • Delivers lead generation, client retention, and ongoing referrals
  • Benefiting buyers with organization and technology, enabling client loyalty

The evolution of closing documents

  •  No day-to-day business disruption
  •  Seamless technology integration (API/Closing Platform)
  •  Dedicated customer support team
  •  Co-branded marketing program

Seamless onboarding program with a proven track record of success

Make sure home buyers remember you post-closing

With DomiDocs you are always front of mind

Continue marketing to your homebuyers daily as they utilize the tools that help maintain their home, including maintenance and calendar reminders. Your company is displayed in their property profile, so you’ll always be front of mind.

Provide organization and technology enabling client loyalty

Empower your customers

Leave the homeowner with the long-lasting (memorable) gift of organization, education, and technology that ensures an ongoing relationship with your business.

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