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Property Fraud News And Videos

Property Fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime in America.
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Deed and Title Fraud

Deed Fraud Scheme

California couple accused of a deed fraud scheme on 3 homes, including actress Halle Berry

Quit Claim Deed

Scammer forges deceased fathers signature for a quit claim deed

Deed Scam

Deed scam being sent out, targeting new homeowners. Scammers send letter with $89 application fee

Title Fraud

Title insurance would have protected this family who lost their house when an identity thief took out a second mortgage on their home.

Deed Fraud

An NBC10 investigation found that between 2013 and 2017, the city averaged 72 fraud reports per year. That number climbed to 136 allegations in 2018.

Deed Scam

A Kansas City woman who was a victim of a contract for deed scam is one step closer to having the home nightmare behind her. This comes after a local builder is now back in prison.

Mortgage Fraud & Equity Theft ​

Mortgage Fraud

Wells Fargo places mortgage payments on hold without homeowner knowing.

Fraud On The Rise

States with the highest risk of fraud and mortgage fraud increase since 2010.

Mortgage Fraud

Man under investigation for mortgage fraud after scamming for decades, 46 victims were taken advantage of.

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Rental Fraud

Apartment Fraud

Renters lost $600 to a scammer for a rental that seemed perfect.

Craigslist Rental Scam

Owner of home finds their house online listed as for rent and confronts the scammer.

Rental Home Scam

Multiple families scammed for rental home. Families all show up on moving day at the same time.

Zillow Rental Fraud

A woman who fell victim is warning about a home rental scam.

Avoid Rental Scam

Mentions Opendoor and gives Opendoor “tips”about avoiding rental scam

In Person Rental Fraud

Real estate agent who gave tips to avoid falling victim to fraud.

Purchase And Sale Fraud

Sales Scam

Elderly woman loses everything in sales scam.

Real Estate Scam

Real estate agent tried to show the house but scammer would not let them see the house. If it's too good to be true it probably is.

Listing Scam

News station goes through craigslist site and shows a listing scam.

Lien Fraud

Fraudulent Lien

Liens placed on homes from a pool company. More than 60k paid before lien was placed.

Identity Theft And Liens

Two victims of identity theft involving small businesses disaster relief loans now have liens against their property.

Service Providers Fraudulent Lien

A pool company tries to place a lien on a property after the owner is charged despite the work never being done.

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