Minimize Environmental Impacts. Maximize Value. 

The US is the Largest Market for
Environmental Technologies, representing
1/4 of the $1.2 Trillion Global Market.

Solving Homeowner Challenges

DomiDocs-GRN will solve growing homeowner challenges by empowering homeowners with environmental sustainability and budget-driven goals. Currently, homeowners may be unsure of which modifications to make, who to contact for services, available technology, regulations, and the environmental impact. We provide the expert tools to rapidly scale and support eco-friendly home upgrades.

Innovative Technology

Combining a home management platform with artificial intelligence we focus on the daily and long-term support of the homeowner related to all facets of homeownership. Homeowners may be unaware of how eco-friendly upgrades can reduce home management costs such as; reduced maintenance requirements, improved air quality, reduced energy costs, and more.


How it Works

Homeowners will provide information on their property, location, demographics, finances and property value goals. Data sourcing will capture and synchronize metrics on ecofriendly best practices, local service providers, and regulatory constraints. A home upgrade plan is provided with understandable, actionable insights including a step by step guide and a return on investment for the proposed upgrades


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