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Company Primary Focus Property Fraud Protection With
Title & Deed Monitoring
Title & Deed Monitoring Identity Protection Program
Company Secondary Focus Residential Property Home Management NONE Title & Deed Monitoring
Early Warning Protection System Alerts Before & During Fraud or Errors NONE NONE
Title Scan Provided to Homeowner 7-year History Report & Title Scan Title Scan NONE

Customer Ratings

Better Business Bureau
Property Fraud Protection
Vacant land, lot, parcel
Daily property address monitoring
MLS listing websites
Property rental websites
Purchase and Sale websites
Home Title Monitoring
Title & Deed Changes
Financing & mortgages
Liens, tax bills, missed payments
Local county recorders offices
Supports Homes in Trusts & LLC’s
Coverage/Tracking Data Points 200+ Data Points Plus County Records County Records Only County Records Only
Alert Delivery Method
Platform Alert
Phone/Text Included in our concierge service
Pricing Options Per Property

1 year- Membership (Billed Monthly)

$215.88/yr = ($17.99/mo) $239.40/yr = ($19.95/mo) $119.88/yr = ($9.99/mo)
1 year- Membership (Billed Annually) $99.00 $199.95 $99.99
3 year- Membership $199.00 $599.85 $299.97
4 year-Membership NONE $796.00 $399.96
5 year-Membership Most Popular $299.00 $999.75 $499.95
7 year-Membership $399.00 $1,399.65 $699.93
15 year-Membership $699.00 $2,999.25 $1,499.85
Multi-Property Discount 25% for 4+ properties
(first 1-3 at regular pricing)
Hours of Operation Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM (EST)
Saturday and Sunday – Closed
Monday – Sunday: 8AM – 10PM(EST) 24/7 Member Services Support
Chat Live US-based Customer Support NONE Available via My Norton after subscription
E-Mail Live US-based Customer Support Live US-based Customer Support Available via My Norton after subscription
Phone Live US-based Customer Support Live US-based Customer Support Live International Customer Support
Concierge Support
Cancellation Policy
Terms 7-day money back guarantee 14-day money back guarantee 60-day money back guarantee
Membership Transfers

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