The DomiDocs Guide to Digitally Prep Your Home for Natural Disasters

Besides having a disaster plan in place and three day’s worth of emergency supplies on hand as per the Federal Emergency Management Agency, it’s important to know where your vital household documents are. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 Americans have lost or misplaced important household documents, while 40% can’t find vital paperwork when needed with the threat of a pending hurricane, tornado, wildfire or flash flood, you certainly don’t want to be scrambling around your home trying to find a specific piece of paperwork when natural disasters strike.

But don’t worry, DomiDocs to the rescue! Let’s take a look at how our free homeowner management platform provides functionality to save you time and money, as well as three simple steps to digitally prep your home for natural disasters.

Step One: Gather Your Important Documents

To start the recovery process as quickly as possible after a natural disaster, you’ll need to have access to several documents including financial, household, medical, and personal information. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your important documents may include but are not limited to:

  • birth/adoption certificates
  • child custody/guardianship papers
  • citizenship paperwork
  • divorce decree
  • driver’s license
  • educational diplomas and degrees
  • emergency contact numbers for your doctor, pharmacy, and veterinarian, as well as your insurance broker, contractors, banks, lawyers, and extended family members
  • financial statements for bank accounts, investments, and retirement savings
  • healthcare information for family members such as food allergies, medical records, or an asthma action plan
  • home inventory list including pictures and videos
  • insurance policies for vehicles and home
  • loan documentation
  • marriage certificate
  • military ID/discharge papers
  • passports
  • power of attorney
  • property titles
  • real estate deeds
  • social security cards
  • veterinary records for your pets
  • will/living will

Step Two: Upload Your Vital Documents with DomiDocs

Uploading your newly gathered critical documents to our safe and highly secure DomiDocs homeowner management platform is the one simple step to digitally prep your home for natural disasters. Your paperwork will be accessible 24/7/365 from wherever you may be. It’s easy to tag and organize your paperwork into categories:

  • Directories including contractor services, utilities, and emergency contacts
  • Documents where you can include your personal identification and legal paperwork
  • Document Insurance Bundles where you can store all your insurance policies in one place and send to your insurance provider in an instant
  • Notes including a copy of your disaster preparedness plan
  • Photos & Videos
  • Property Data including site, structure, features, and financial information

DomiDocs offers industry-leading privacy and security. Rest assured we do not share or sell your data, ever. It’s kept completely private in your digital property, and we use a multitude of safety measures to keep your information protected and accessible only to you. Need to file an insurance claim? Once your documents are uploaded, you can share them with your insurance broker at the touch of a button. 

Other non-urgent but yet vitally important paperwork you can also upload into our DomiDocs platform for easy access may include any number of household-related documents and records:

  • appraisals
  • bill payments
  • estimates
  • guides and manuals
  • heirloom photographs
  • improvements
  • maintenance
  • mortgage
  • pest exterminating
  • permit history
  • receipts
  • registrations
  • repairs
  • rules & regulations
  • surveys
  • terms & conditions
  • wind mitigation reports
  • water bill
  • warranties

Unique Features of Our Free DomiDocs Home Management Platform

DomiDocs is committed to providing homeowners with a simple, free, and highly secure cloud-based platform to store, track, and digitally maintain your property. You can easily see your home value, protect your equity, manage your home finances, vendors, and more! Our DomiDocs features include:

  • Calendar & Notes: where you can track tasks, reminders, and events
  • Document Organization: categorized and easily shareable documents
  • Education & Articles: home maintenance tips and articles to manage your home stress-free
  • Finance & Accounting: track your property cost basis and where your money is spent
  • Market Value Tracking: market data and your improvements shows the true property value
  • Recommendations: using data we give personalized actionable recommendations
  • Service Provider Management: all your service providers organized with personalized ratings and notes
  • Warranties & Manuals: warranty and manual tracking with expirations, notes, and alerts

Step Three: Go a Step Further by Proactively Protecting Your Home with HomeLock™

The chaotic scenario following natural disasters allows thieves to target vulnerable people in their time of need. The Federal Communications Commission advises that official government disaster agencies do not require financial information, and to never give out personal or financial information if you get a cold call from an insurance company, contractor, or charity. DomiDocs’ HomeLock™ provides the ultimate home title and property fraud protection where you’ll get 360-degree coverage against virtually all fraud including clerical errors, a missed payment, or an unpaid bill! Our comprehensive HomeLock™ system scours 200+ data points to keep your property safe and protect your equity. Start monitoring your home today with HomeLock™!

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Author – Connie Motz