Warranty coverage can be somewhat confusing for new homeowners so it’s important to ask any questions you may have. If you purchased a new home, your limited warranty may include a standard one-year workmanship and material coverage. If you’re purchasing a warranty for an existing home, you’ll need to establish whether the policy will cover pre-existing conditions, and if a home inspection is required by the warranty issuer prior to your purchasing the warranty.

It’s a fact that 99% of new homebuyers would prefer a digital platform to manage their new home. DomiDocs offers everything you’ll need to keep your home running smoothly and in the best possible shape. The Warranty Documents feature will allow you to organize and safely store all of your house related warranties to create a reliable and secure system of record for you as a proud homeowner.

Importance of Your Warranties

If an item within your home needs to be repaired or replaced, and it’s covered by warranty, you’ll need to contact the specific provider so they can come to your home to inspect and evaluate the problem. You may or may not need to pay a service fee depending on your warranty contract, but the vendor will complete the work either way.

It’s important to keep on top of your warranties and know when they’re going to expire. If you’ve had issues with your dishwasher for a period of time, you don’t want to wait only to find out your warranty expired a week before you decided to file a claim.

DomiDocs will generate your digital property profile along with a preloaded calendar to keep track of any upcoming warranty expirations so you can obtain any repairs beforehand. Keeping all of your home items in good working order increases the overall value of your property and provides the best use of your warranty coverage.

Warranty Service Requests

Appliance Warranties: The manufacturers of your household appliances will work with you in the event you need to have repairs done. Contact the appliance manufacturer with your appliance model and serial number, closing date, and report the problem you are having. Be sure that you have your purchase receipts on hand – they should have been provided to you by your builder if your house was new when you bought it.  If it was not, the seller may or may not have provided them to you. Warranty service phone numbers will be listed in the materials provided to you for each appliance. Generally, appliance warranties are valid for one year.

Home Warranties: A home warranty can be a very appealing prospect if you’re concerned about any repair expenses in the future. Generally, they’ll cost up to $500 and can include items of value such as appliances, electrical, plumbing, water heaters and HVAC systems.

Emergencies: Emergencies include situations like a total loss of heat, electricity, or water or plumbing   and gas leaks. To report emergencies, contact your local utility immediately.

Non-Emergencies: Contact your local utility as per their instructions.

Storm Damage or Other Natural Disasters: Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent immediately for assistance.

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