State of Technology in 2021

State of Technology in 2021Japanese scholar Okakaura Kakuzo once wrote, “The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings,” and nothing could be closer to the truth during our fluid COVID-19 pandemic. But even in these most chaotic of times, technology forges on with exciting developments predicted for the new year. Let’s take a look at what some experts are saying about the state of technology in 2021.

The Internet of Things

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the “interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.” Enhanced 5G connectivity goes above and beyond more reliable and faster Internet, it means physical-based networks such as fiber and cable will become redundant, along with the need for users to be networked to a specific location. A 5G network allows Internet access at any time or anywhere, including connections to cloud-based gaming platforms such as GeForce Now by Nvidia or Stadia by Google.

Home Security

With the onset of 5G networks, you and your family may be spending more time online than ever before. Besides keeping your physical home safe with technology such as smart locks and surveillance systems, it’s imperative to keep your Internet privacy secure as well. Cybersecurity experts recommend using antivirus protection software, along with following basic protocols as outlined in our DomiDocs article October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

The Internet of Behaviors

As an extension of the IoT, the Internet of Behaviors (IoB) refers to the tracking of our day-to-day online activity including everything from our social networking liveliness to those late-night binge shopping habits. Again, with the onset of 5G, expect facial and fingerprint recognition to become more the norm, along with all consumers being more directly targeted through demographics as companies fine-tune their location tracking and buying habits.

Smart Kitchens

Today’s families are more than busy trying to juggle working and their kids, quite possibly doing both from home during these fluid COVID-19 times. Anything that can make life simpler and easier is the key for 2021. General home automation means you can simply say a command to change your room temperature or turn on your lights in the living room. But it also means you can conveniently replenish grocery items without having to make a list nor go to a physical store by taking advantage of an auto-reorder system. You can go fully automated with your smartphone and a Robotic Kitchen from Moley where key features include the use of a touchscreen, hob, oven, and of course, robotic arms.

Artificial Intelligence

A recent article in Forbes magazine by best-selling author Bernard Marr predicts artificial intelligence (AI) during 2021 “will become an even more valuable tool for helping us to interpret and understand the world around us. The volume of data we are collecting on healthcare, infection rates, and the success of measures we take to prevent the spread of infection will continue to increase. This means that machine learning algorithms will become better informed and increasingly sophisticated in the solutions they uncover for us.” DomiDocs can help you save time, money, and increase the market value of your home by offering data and document storage, complemented by layering on machine learning and AI to help you make informed and actionable decisions about your homeownership.

Vehicle Automation, Drones & Virtual/Augmented Reality

Marr goes on to predict, “As the volume of passengers using public transport fluctuates from week to week, depending on local conditions, initiatives around self-driving vehicles will continue at an increasing pace.” Mar suggests, “Drones will be used to deliver vital medicine and, equipped with computer vision algorithms, used to monitor footfall in public areas in order to identify places where there is an increased risk of viral transmission.” Marr expects to see virtual and augmented reality “assisting in tackling challenges posed by the current world situation. Largely this will involve allowing us to avoid potentially dangerous situations where there could be a risk of viral transmission.” Marr believes, “Augmented reality tools will be used to give out real-time warnings when we move through areas where the infection is known to have spread. Even simple steps like reminding us to wash our hands when we touch a door handle in a public space or issuing an alert when a device senses that we have touched our face without washing our hands, could help to save lives and stop us spreading illness around the real-world environments we inhabit and move through.”

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Author – Connie Motz