The Best Time of Year to Buy Stuff for Your House

It’s funny how when the urge to buy something hits, and you have to have it now. But there’s actually a system of when to get the best deals throughout the year, who knew? Let’s take a look at some common purchases and the optimal time to get the best bang for your hard-earned bucks.


There’s an initial fall/winter rush when homeowners decide to replace their flooring and carpets right before guests arrive for the holiday season, pre-COVID-19, of course, so come January the sharp downturn in sales tends to yield the best prices of the year. DomiDocs has you covered by incorporating these improvements into your True Value Index® automatically!


Even though it may still be darn cold outside, February is time to think ahead to upcoming warm temperatures. Buying an air conditioner or a gas BBQ off-season can offer deep discounts on any remaining stock from last year. You can save up to an average of 23% by buying mattresses in February, specifically around President’s Day.


If your old vacuum is outdated, March is the time to buy a new one as major retailers offer discounted pricing during the traditional spring cleaning season. This is also a great time to save on select power tools and gardening equipment. If you’re not a DIY person, many professional service providers offer discounts during March such as gutter cleaning.


While your vehicle isn’t part of your home, it’s an important aspect as to how your family functions as a whole. April is National Car Care month! Many retailers offer free vehicle inspections and/or discounts on maintenance services. Keeping track of your household finances, including your income tax, is an important year-round task, but during April, some savings are offered on tax software/services. DomiDocs provides a secure online platform for storing all of your important documents and receipts making it simple and seamless to capitalize on your potential tax savings!


The month of May is typically when new models of refrigerators are released annually, meaning last years’ models will be significantly discounted for retailers to get rid of them. Memorial Day weekend tends to bring about deep savings on smaller kitchen appliances and furniture,as newer models hit the shelves in August.


Before the wedding season is in full swing, June typically brings about savings on items such as dishes and cookware, which is ideal if you’ve got kids moving out into their own space. Father’s Day also offers discounts on items ranging from grilling accessories to sports and camping gear the whole family can enjoy!


Even though it’s probably the last thing on your mind during a hot summer month, July is the best time of the year to buy paint. You don’t have to use it right away, an unopened can will last for years, but you may as well enjoy the savings while you can. Home decor is frequently on sale during July, and this pre-back-to-school month is also a good time to think about buying a new tablet or desktop computer for your home.


If you need to take a break from heat sweltering summertime activities, August offers savings on organizational storage containers and office supplies so you can spend a few cool productive hours indoors. Many states, including Florida, also offer tax-free shopping on select items during August so be sure to consult your local government website to take advantage of these extra savings.


Labor Day brings about more than celebrations – it also means big consumer savings during the long weekend. The best discounts here? Think major appliances you’ve been wanting to upgrade, like washer/dryers, as well as outdoor products such as patio furniture, rototillers, and lawnmowers. If you’ve been thinking about installing a pool, this is a great time to hire a pool builder at off-seasons prices. If you’re not sure where to find a pool builder, consult the DomiDocs national service directory for a trusted professional near you.


During October, car dealerships off deep discounts fueled by the need to make room for the arrival of next year’s models and driven by motivated salespeople who need to hit their fourth quarter/year-end sales goals. Columbus Day sales regularly offer discounts on a variety of household items.


According to the National Retail Federation, 84.2 million shoppers made in-store purchases on Black Friday in 2019. Add into this Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and you’ve got a wealth of discounted items you can shop for including electronics, sporting goods, mattresses, small appliances, and tools for any winter-related home improvement/repairs you’ve got on the horizon.


In preparation for the holiday season, many retailers once again offer deep discounts on kitchen items such as mixers and cookware. If you didn’t buy a car back in October, you can still get a great deal on last year’s models in December. If you’re into repurposing household items, you’ll find an array of items at thrift stores this month as taxpayers want to take advantage of last-minute income tax deductions by donating their unwanted items. Another man’s trash could be your treasure.

DomiDocs user-friendly platform allows you to store household receipts and documents so they’re available 24/7 whenever you need them. Once you’re organized online, you’ll be amazed by your reduced stress levels and the freedom to enjoy homeownership. It’s a win-win!

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Author: Connie Motz