8 Ways To Keep Your Bedroom Cooler

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep is characterized by English theologian Richard Whately who said, “Lose an hour in the morning and you’ll spend all day looking for it.” To experience healthy sleep, it’s vital to be comfortable throughout the night. One of the biggest deciding factors in how well you’ll sleep is the temperature of your bedroom, states a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology.

What’s the Optimum Temperature for Sleep?

Experts agree that maintaining a temperature near 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the best way to get a good night’s rest. When the summer heat and humidity kick in, people tend to get the least amount of sleep which may be related to the rise in temperature says a study by PLOS ONE. If you upgrade to a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to adjust your bedroom’s temperature from an app on your phone long before you even enter the room.

Invest in a Ceiling Fan

Instead of racking up a huge electricity bill by using your air conditioner, consider installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom to help keep the air circulating. An Energy Star certified ceiling fan with or without lights is 60% more efficient than its conventional counterpart. Be sure to switch the direction of the fan blades to spin clockwise in winter and counter-clockwise to cool your rooms during summer, as well as to dust them off every spring and fall. When you’re using a fan, always keep your bedroom door open to allow the air to flow.

Change Your Air Conditioning Filter

If your air conditioner seems to be working but not cooling as well as you’d hope, it’s probably time to change the filter. They can easily clog up with dust and debris and in turn, will end up working harder while using more energy. As the same with ceiling fans, consider switching out an older air conditioner with a more efficient Energy Star model.

Revamp Your Windows

If your bedroom receives a lot of sunlight, it’s also storing a lot of heat. You can help keep the heat out by ensuring your windows are well sealed and by using heavy curtains in lighter colors rather than sheers which let in the heat. Installing a reflective window film will help keep up to 63% of the sun’s rays at bay. And always remember to keep your bedroom curtains and blinds closed.

Green Up Your Bedroom

Besides being great natural air filters, strategically placed house plants in your bedroom can also help to block out the sun meaning your room will stay cooler. Think along the lines of a ficus or umbrella tree, an areca palm, or a larger leaf dieffenbachia plant.

Switch Out Your Old Lighting

Did you know incandescent lighting produces 90% of its energy as heat? Switching to compact fluorescent or light-emitting diode bulbs means you’ll use up to 80% less energy while having bulbs that last up to 25 times longer than old-school lighting.

Check Out Your Attic

According to roofing experts, a home can lose approximately 25% of its energy because of poor attic insulation so it’s important to add new insulation entirely or fill it in where needed. Temperatures in your attic can easily reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and so installing an attic ventilator will help to evacuate any hot air accumulations. 

Update Your Bedding

Another way to insulate your bedroom is by adding carpeting or throw rugs to your floor. Avoid using heat-stifling synthetic bedding and opt for naturally breathable materials such as cotton or linen to help keep you cool during summer. If the heat becomes unbearable, try wearing a damp t-shirt to bed or cover yourself with a damp sheet as per the Egyptian method. Other bedding tips to keep you cool include using temperature-regulating sheets originally designed for NASA, freezing your sheets, using a hot water bottle as a cold one, and/or using a gel-filled cooling mat on your pillows.

Table Top Appliances

If you’re using an oscillating fan, try placing a container of ice cubes in front of the fan to generate cooler air. Summer can bring about hot and sticky humidity which can be relieved by using a dehumidifier to help remove moisture.

As a homeowner, these tips on how to maintain your cool in the bedroom will help to protect your family from the scorching summer heat. As an added level of protection, Dominic’s HomeLock™ protects your home from deed and title theft. Don’t think it can happen to you? According to the FBI, property fraud is on the rise across America. HomeLock™ provides you with peace of mind through its proactive digital property monitoring so you can simply relax and spend quality time with your family. Sign up with HomeLock™ today!

Author – Connie Motz