Managing work, family and home during COVID

Family-working-from-homeThe wise Greek philosopher Heraclitus was quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life,” and if that isn’t a perfect adage to encapsulate 2020 thus far, we don’t know what is. In fact, changes—and unexpected ones at that—seem to be the theme of this year. From the moment the first cases of coronavirus began spiking, a steady wave of changes rolled across the world. And its tides are still churning.

From brick and mortar offices to remote work at home, add to that homeschooling kids in playrooms-turned-classrooms, and every other adaptation forced upon us, DomiDocs realizes what a profound and overwhelming time this can be, and is here to help navigate this surreal season.

How? DomiDocs meets you exactly where you are, addressing each of your new needs and working with you to adapt your life—and home—to fit your “new normal.” After all, conducting online conferences and Zoom meetings at the kitchen counter doesn’t exactly scream corporate professional. And as to homeschooling the kids? The dining room table is not an adequate desk, nor is the living room and its big screen TV usually the most conducive locale for little Einstein’s learning.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is no surprise that homeowners are now flooding the market with home renovation plans. DomiDocs can help with this endeavor, providing an online forum where you can keep all of your important information in one safe place, including all engineering plans, estimates, and all other vital paperwork relevant to the process.

An equally important arena that DomiDocs helps homeowners keep abreast of is home maintenance and repairs. And let’s face it, now that everybody’s spending more time at home, this also means more wear and tear on the home itself, including broken dishwashers, out-of-service toilets, “trashed” garbage disposals and beyond. DomiDocs’ user-friendly online platform even includes a comprehensive list of national service providers that its clients can quickly refer to for trustworthy contractors who guarantee quality results.

Upon your registration, DomiDocs instantly takes the burden from your shoulders by streamlining all of your regular home maintenance needs into one efficient and user-friendly format. As soon as your property is created, you receive a list of tasks for optimum home maintenance in calendar format, complete with alerts that remind you of what routine maintenance needs to be done at what exact time in order to avoid any unforeseen surprises. And if those needs do arise—as 2020 has already shown us, there are surprises around every corner—your numbers and trusted go-to solutions are already at the tip of your finger.

As you and your loved ones continue to make your way through these unprecedented times, DomiDocs wants you to know that you are not alone. It also wants to make your increased time at home, elevate your enjoyment, not your anxiety. After all, when you think of going remote, you want it to resemble more of an island vacation.

Author: Andy Beth Miller