Natural Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

As a homeowner, there’s no doubt you’re aware that keeping your home clean is important on many levels. But did you also know that some of the cleaning products you may be using could be harmful to your health and/or the environment? Let’s take a look at natural cleaning solutions for your home.

How to Build a Natural Cleaning Solutions Toolkit

You may already have some of these items on hand, but even if you don’t, these basic, and generally inexpensive, natural cleaning supplies will go a long way in your newfound green cleaning routine. Removing dirt and germs can be done by using these natural cleaners:

  • baking soda: absorbs odors in your fridge, litter box, or garbage cans, plus it’s also a slightly abrasive cleanser you can use to remove stains from sinks, countertops, tubs, and more
  • borax: is the kicked-up version of baking soda that’s good for removing surface stains and soiled laundry, however, it’s highly irritating to eyes, skin, and even breathing, so be sure to exercise caution when using
  • castile soap
  • club soda
  • cornstarch
  • citrus fruit: use a combination of ice and citrus fruit juice to freshen up and clean the blade of your garbage disposal; lemon juice can generally be substituted for white vinegar, however, it will go bad quickly so it needs to be used within a few days
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • microfibre cloths or cotton rags to reduce water from paper towels
  • spray bottles
  • tea tree oil
  • white vinegar: it’s an acidic, natural disinfectant that works well when trying to remove hard water stains, rust, or buildup

You can keep all of your green cleaning supplies in an easy-to-carry caddy or better yet, reuse something you already have around your home like an apple box or a basket.

How to Use Natural Cleaning Solutions in Your Home

There are a few general rules of thumb when using natural cleaning solutions in your home:

  • always use hot water when mixing natural cleaners 
  • be aware that you may need to use a little more muscle or let something soak a little longer than you would when using harsh commercial cleaners
  • label all of your cleaning solution containers immediately after mixing 
  • never mix:
    • white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together as they produce a toxic acid that’s dangerous to breathe in, plus it can also cause skin burns
    • bleach and ammonia together as the fumes are highly toxic
  • never store cleaning mixtures in any type of container that could be confused for food or drinks

Natural Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

Here are some great green recipes for natural cleaning products you can use throughout your home:


Here are some great green recipes for natural cleaning products you can use throughout your home:
All-Purpose Green CleanerMix in a spray bottle: 1/4 cup baking soda 1/2 cup vinegar 4 to 8 cups of hot water Add a few drops of essential oil to add a fresh scent, if desired
Drain CleanerPut into your drain: 1/4 cup baking soda 1/2 cup vinegar Let sit 15 minutes, then pour in 8 cups of boiling water
Glass & Mirror CleanerMix into a large spray bottle: 1/2 cup white vinegar 1 gallon of water -or- 1/4 cup white vinegar 1 tablespoon cornstarch 4 cups of warm water for a non-streak version that requires an extra dry cloth once-over after the initial cleaning
Kitchen Sanitizer No. 1Heat 1/2 cup white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide (3%) Pour into a spray bottle and let sit on surfaces for 1 minute to kill yucky germs like salmonella and E. coli
Kitchen Sanitizer No. 2Mix in a spray bottle: 2 drops of tea tree oil 1 cup of club soda 1 cup vinegar Note: this solution only works well to kill germs when it’s made fresh
Microwave CleanerMix into a bowl: 6 tablespoons baking soda 1/2 cup lemon juice 1 cup water Heat until it boils, let the steam loosen any food or splatters, then wipe clean
Scrubbing Tiles & Tubs No. 1Wipe the surface with vinegar Sprinkle with non-iodized salt or baking soda, then scrub
Scrubbing Tile & Tubs No. 2Scrubbing Tile & Tubs No. 2
Shower Mildew PreventerMix in a spray bottle: 1/3 rubbing alcohol 1 cup water Spray and don’t rinse to prevent mildew from initially forming
Shower Mildew RemoverMix in a spray bottle: 1/2 cup borax 1/2 cup white vinegar Fill with hot water and apply
Toilet Cleaner No. 1Put into the toilet bowl: 1/4 cup baking soda 1 cup vinegar Let sit for up to 30 minutes, then scrub clean
Toilet Cleaner No. 2Mix a solution of: 1/2 cup borax 1-gallon of hot water

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