Benefits of Smart Home Innovations

Home innovationsIs your home as smart as it could be? If you’re thinking about adding value to your home, making it as tech-savvy as possible is appealing to today’s buyers. Even if you’re not selling, you can make your day-to-day life easier by installing smart home devices relating to climate control, entertainment, and lighting, as well as for safety and security. Let’s take a look at the benefits of smart home innovations.

Streamlined Decision-Making

Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that makes daily life so much easier. Smart home devices can take care of things you may forget like keeping the temperature of your home optimal and ensuring doors are locked. Or never having to worry again if you’ve left the lights on or if the kids forgot to turn off the PS5 console. Smart home devices are all about giving busy homeowners control over their security and comfort.

Increased Connectivity

Enhanced 5G connectivity means far more than just faster and reliable Internet, it also means users don’t need to be tied to a specific network location as physical-based networks such as fiber and cable will become redundant. A 5G network gives Internet access any time or anywhere, including connections to cloud-based gaming platforms such as GeForce Now by Nvidia or Stadia by Google. Read more about the State of Technology in 2021. With the onset of 5G networks also comes a cybersecurity risk as you and your family may be spending more time online than ever before. Experts recommend using antivirus protection software, along with following basic protocols as outlined in our DomiDocs article October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Advances in Home Robotics

While we haven’t hit the Jetson’s full-on robot maid experience yet, artificial intelligence (AI) still makes it possible for us to have robotic lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners do some of the dirty work for us. Virtual assistant technology lets you control smart appliances and smart home features such as irrigation systems and garage door openers by simply using your voice. Completely intuitive sentient homes are said to be the future of smart homes, but until then you can opt for a fully automated Robotic Kitchen by Moley that comes complete with a touchscreen and robotic arms. Smart refrigerators by LG let you check on your ice maker inventory or will send you an alert if the door is ajar, while myQ Pet Portal gives your furry friend the freedom to go in and out when they need to, plus it offers two-way communication and real-time video streaming.

Digital Home Integration

Investing in a home automation system can reduce energy costs making it a huge benefit for you as a homeowner. For example, using a smart thermostat alone to control airflow and temperature provides savings of up to 30%. According to a 2017 Concept Community survey, by incorporating smart home technology you can increase the return on investment (ROI) of your home by 11%. And a study by Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that more than 60% of participants want a digital home integration system pre-installed in the next home they buy. You can also save up to 50% of the energy required by replacing old appliances with Energy Star versions.

Touchless Activations

Fixtures designed to give users a hands-free bathroom experience including a motion-sensor faucet and toilet flush are more relevant than ever to try and stop the spread of harm-causing bacteria and germs. Consider installing a water monitoring system that tracks water usage so your household can adjust their water consumption. It can also perform an auto shut off in the case of an emergency leak or flooding. 

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Author – Connie Motz