Keep Your Home Spider Free – 9 Helpful Tips

Keep Your Home Spider Free – 9 Helpful TipsWhile creepy crawlies are not the favorites of many homeowners, spiders do indeed serve their specific purposes in nature, but hopefully not so much so inside our homes. But there are approaches to keep these unwanted creatures at bay, so let’s take a look at 9 Ways to Keep Your Home Spider Free.

Citrus Fruits

Spiders don’t like the smell of citrus fruits. Placing a bowl of them on your kitchen counter is a great way to help keep unwelcome visitors outside. And once you’ve eaten the fruit, you can use the citrus peels to rub along your doorways and windowsills as an extra repellent.

Natural Plants Help Keep Your Home Spider Free

Reader’s Digest suggests hedge apples produced by osage-orange plants emit natural chemicals that deter spiders; however, they do produce a milky liquid that can be a skin irritant to children or pets. Crushed garlic mixed with water in a spray bottle can be used on doorways or floors where you’ve noticed some recent spider traffic. Eucalyptus, mint, and lavender plants are also famous for their spider-repelling superpowers. Horse chestnuts, with small holes drilled into them to release their scent, are effective for keeping spiders away when placed along windowsills and doorways; but it’s important to note they’re toxic to pets. Cedar chips and blocks will help you keep your home spider free.

Keep Outdoor Lights Turned Off

Outdoor lighting attracts an array of flying insects, which spiders just love to feed on. If you opt for using LED lights with motion sensors, you’ll attract fewer insects and will be saving energy in the process. 

Keep it Clean To Keep Your Home Spider Free

Generally, spiders enjoy a dirty home or a dusty area they can crawl into so vacuuming regularly will help to keep your home spider free. Spiders also love to hide in piles of outdoor items like vegetation, composts, leaves, grass clippings, or stacks of firewood just waiting to get a ride into a warm home where they can set up shop.

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Farmers’ Almanac recommends using diatomaceous earth as a spider and pest deterrent. It’s made from fossilized algae known as diatoms, whose shells are made of silica. Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic and inexpensive, but you must be sure to purchase the safe food-grade version. You can apply the powder directly to areas where you’ve noticed spiders, or combine a tablespoon of it with water in a spray bottle for easier application.

White Vinegar Can Help Keep Your Home Spider Free

Besides being a great laundry additive for disinfecting, a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water is a great home remedy to help keep away eight-legged pests. Use a spray bottle to apply mainly around entrances where spiders may come a-knocking. You can also add some of those citrus peels to keep the vinegar from smelling as pungent.

Return Them to the Outdoors

Of course, this only applies if the spider is non-poisonous and you’re not completely terrified of them to begin with. A family member can always help to relocate a spider outside by trapping them with a glass and then releasing them far away to keep your home spider free.

Professional Pesticides Can Keep Your Home Spider Free

The key here is to be sure the pesticide you’re about to apply to your home and yard is completely non-toxic, meaning it’s safe for you, your family, and pets, and even your neighbors. It may take more than one application to completely keep your home spider free and so you may want to consider getting a professional service to securely do the job. Not sure who to call? Consult our DomiDocs’ list of trusted nationwide contractors to find a pro near you.

Seal Up Your Doors & Windows

Sometimes spiders seem to be able to crawl through the tiniest of spaces. Inspect your doors and windows to see if there are visible cracks or gaps where spiders could enter, and caulk the identified areas to seal them up. If you find spiders in your fireplace during spring or fall, be sure to cover your chimney and vents with a very fine fire and heat-approved mesh. 

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