9 Ways to “Spring” up your home

9 Ways to “Spring” up your home

With the promise of spring just around the corner, warmer weather tends to inspire the cleaner in all of us. But instead of just putting away winter clothing and eliminating dust and allergens that accumulated during winter, you can become a proactive homeowner by following these spring home maintenance tips!

Roof & Gutters

The harsh winter months can wreak havoc on your roof. A visual inspection from the ground can help identify any missing shingles, loose flashings, or chimney damage. You’ll need to remove debris from the gutters as back-ups can cause rotting wood and/or water damage. Ensure the downspouts are clear and stationed to divert water away from your foundation. If you’re not adventurous when it comes to ladders or climbing your roof for further inspection, call in a professional roofer to do the job. Consult the DomiDocs list of trusted nationwide contractors to find an expert near you.

Examine Your Screen Windows & Doors

In prep for summer and those nasty mosquitoes that come with, check your door and window screens for holes and/or tears. At this same time, examine your windows and doors for signs of damage and loose seals. If you spot any holes in the wood, termites might be nesting inside so watch for them to start swarming; if you suspect termites, calling in a professional is your best bet so it doesn’t become worse or a recurring problem. Spring is also time to wash the windows, screens, lubricate tracks, clean out any drainage holes, and examine the caulking. Check your garage door openers and the general operation of your garage door as it routinely opens and closes.

Woodwork & Painting

Spring is the perfect time to examine your home’s exterior woodwork including fences, stairs/railings, and decks. Sanding and resealing or painting every few years is the key to making your woodwork last longer. Hose down the exterior of your home to remove any dirt/buildup. Spring also offers ideal weather for repainting your home’s exterior. But before you tackle such a huge project yourself, it’s important to calculate how much time and money you’ll need to spend on tools and equipment, over-calling in a pro to do the job efficiently and correctly.

Lawn & Garden

Maintaining your sprinkler/irrigation system helps to ensure your lawn and plants will be kept green throughout the season. Check for leaks and/or damaged/broken heads, and test the system to ensure water isn’t spraying your house, which can lead to foundation or moisture issues, or onto wasted dead zones like your porch or a sidewalk. Spring is the best time to aerate your lawn to ensure the grassroots are getting all the nutrients, water, and air they require to produce a healthy lawn. Do a walk around of your yard to check for foundation cracks and any soil that may have settled in specific areas while backfilling as necessary. Test out your BBQ so it’s ready to go for summer, and prep any garden tools and your lawnmower for spring.

Clear Your Path

Do a visual inspection of your driveways, paths, and walkways to look for signs of damage as the winter freeze/thaw cycles can cause any amount of damage from simple cracks to major upheavals. Your local home improvement center can walk you through what you’ll need for small repairs, but for larger jobs especially those affecting concrete, consider hiring a pro to ensure it’s done right the first time as many concrete issues tend to reoccur if not fixed properly.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Inspection

Before the hot summer weather hits, you’ll need to be sure your air conditioning is ready to keep you and your family comfortable. Professionally servicing your air conditioner every spring will help maximize the lifespan of your air conditioning system; this will include examining ductwork, replacing the filter, checking for condensate line blockages, and more.

Attic & Basement

Check for signs of mold or dampness in both the basement and the attic. Test your sump pump to be sure it’s operational. You should also check for interior foundation cracks which will need to be repaired so they don’t worsen.

Kitchen Maintenance

After expanding and contracting during the winter months, you may find your wooden kitchen cabinets seem a little off, which means you’ll need to clean and adjust your cabinet hardware. Use spring as a reminder to change the filters in your range hood, cook-top, and microwave. Change the smoke, radon gas, and carbon monoxide detector batteries in your kitchen, as well as throughout your home.

Inspect Your Washer & Dryer 

Remember to check and clean your exterior dryer vent as 34% of clothes dryer fires are caused by clogged vents, which results in 2,900 home clothes dryer fires annually according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Inspect your washing machine hoses to ensure they’re tightly connected and don’t appear to be damaged.

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Author – Connie Motz