Daylight Saving Time Spring Home Maintenance Tips Made Simple

Daylight Saving Time Spring Home Maintenance Tips Made SimpleDaylight Saving Time (DST) taking place this year on March 14. First introduced in Thunder Bay, Ontario, in 1908 as a way to save energy and optimize daylight hours, more than one billion people in over 70 countries around the world still implement DST today. 

Benefits of DST

A Rutgers research meta-study finds that 343 lives could be saved annually by moving to permanent DST. And since DST increases our daylight hours, a British study suggests DST could result in a crime rate reduction of up to 20%. The California Energy Commission in Sacramento estimates California could save 3.4% of its winter energy usage by switching to year-round DST.

Preserve Your Home with These Spring Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

As a homeowner, you can use DST as a reminder to start doing home maintenance tasks for spring. Still not sure you’ll remember? One of the great features of DomiDocs is our regular maintenance schedule that comes complete with handy calendar reminders. Our comprehensive New Homeowner Guide offers the following seasonal maintenance tips for spring:

HVAC & Electrical:

  • Professionally service your air conditioner; change the thermostat battery
  • Replace your furnace filter (as per manufacturer recommendations)
  • Test GFCI breakers

Lawn & Garden:

  • Aerate your lawn
  • Test out your BBQ so it’s ready for summer
  • Test your irrigation/sprinkler system while checking for leaks

Your Home’s Exterior:

  • Check and clean your exterior dryer vent 
  • Check the operation of your sump pump
  • Check to see if any soil has settled in specific areas, backfill as necessary
  • Check your garage door openers and general operation; lubricate if necessary
  • Check your roof for any signs of missing or damaged shingles/tiles
  • Checking exterior and interior caulking, while re-caulking as necessary
  • Clean and inspect your gutters and downspouts
  • Drain any accumulated sediment from the bottom of your home water tank as per the manufacturer
  • Hose down the exterior of your home to remove any dirt/buildup. Check for any signs of mildew and treat if necessary.
  • Inspect your home’s exterior for paint issues and refinish
  • Organize your garage
  • Take a look at your concrete, pavers, asphalt, steps, and driveways to see if repairs are needed
  • Wash windows, screens, lubricate tracks, and clean out any drainage holes

Your Home’s Interior:

  • Adjust and clean your cabinets/hardware
  • Change smoke, radon gas, and carbon monoxide detector batteries
  • Change the filters in your range hood, cook-top, and microwave
  • Inspect fire extinguishers throughout your home to ensure they’re charged and operational
  • Monitor your home’s flooring regularly
  • Pour water into the basement floor drain to keep sewer odors from entering your home

If daylight saving time is throwing off your intended spring home maintenance schedule, consider bringing in a professional to help you with any major tasks. Not sure who to call? DomiDocs provides a list of trusted nationwide contractors so it’s easy to find an expert near you.

Author – Connie Motz